Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm pretty upset. And annoyed. And mad. At, Mother Nature. I'm so sick and tired of the snow. It feel like everyday we are getting pounded on and yes, we still have school (in all fairness- it's just been little amounts over time that has added to being over 2 feet.)

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Taking a snow day is a great way to avoid having to hear everyone at work making fun of you for taking a snow day.

It doesn't make for a very happy Monday at all. Oh- the Monday blues. How so many people hate Monday's. I wish, we could have a party and...well, have fun on Monday 

Funny Workplace Ecard: There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays.

But sadly that doesn't happen. Instead you get

Ciao, and have a happy Monday.

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