Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I'm home for Easter which is super nice. I love going to my Mom's house. Of course when visiting I bring Winston who runs around like is never gets to run at home. And sadly my parent's dog, Tinkerbelle, doesn't like him. So whenever he runs past her, she growls. And looks at him kinda like this

(I just don't like him. Why is he here?)

 And my parents have a cat, and as someone allergic to cats, I can say that I have spent the past day with a box of tissues next to me. But I love being able to just relax. I love being able to hang around outside and to have family around. I think this is one of the best times to be around loved ones.

 IIt's Easter, and it's at this time I think of the people I like to call "The Cristers" (Christmas and Easter go-ers) Those that only go to Church on the really important holidays. Sometimes, I just want to say this to them

He Dyed for Your Sins

 But I don't. Because that's not what Jesus would have done. Instead, I think he would have done something else.  Think of this ( and if you don't believe in God I suggest you stop reading right here) the Lord has risen. He gave up his life for us and the best I can think if celebrating the fact that he gave us eternal life, is to he with Family.  So Happy Easter to all.


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