Thursday, June 27, 2013

"It's a heartache..."

"...nothing but a heartache. Hits you when it's too late, hits you when you're down."

Bonnie Tyler knows what I'm feeling right now. Nothing but pain. Nothing but pain and sorrow. I'm depressed, and sad...and to pardon my french F'ing mad.

My wedding ring, and engagement ring were stolen.  Stolen...taken...gone.  I thought they would be safe. I had then in a small bag, when swimming, which had Tampons, Make-up, lotion, travel shampoo & soap, and underwear. The bag...was stolen. The rings were in a small hidden pocket int he bag- so if one looked in side, all they saw were toiletries.  My rings were stolen. 

Of course, this is my current reaction. I just...don't want to talk about it. 

But I want my rings. I don't care about the underwear, the make-up deodorant, and such. I just want my rings. 

I Bonnie Tyler said "It's a heartache."

I'm sorry for not being a happy-go-lucky blogger. I just can't right now. I just can't. 


Alyssa said...

OMG. i am so, so, so sorry. =(

Jessica said...

im so sorry. that totally sucks. I hope that you get them back!

Spunkee Belle said...

I'm so sorry!! I hope they turn up!

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