Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday knitting

Happy Sunday!

Have your allergies been killing you? Mine have been driving me insane. My nose is all stuffy and my eyes and mouth are all itchy. Ugh I hate allergies. I feel they are crazy insane creatures who want to end up killing us.

So, while they are attacking me, )ugh) why not lay in bed and knit?

I really want to make this, like really...

I think it's in French, but it's cute. 

What do you do when allergies make it hard for you to live?


Kristen said...

I need to teach myself how to knit!! Sorry about your allergies... Allergies SUCK!

Amie said...

Sorry about your allergies, I am lucky enough that I don't get them, so I hope you find a good remedy!

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