Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long week

It's been a long rainy week. I really wish it was Friday, but I really, REALLY, can't wait until Saturday! I know some people may know why, but for those who don't it's because Saturday will the 1 year anniversary of my marriage! Yes,I will have been married to the best man for me for 1 year!

I'm super excited. We will be having CAKE! On our little mini-moon we had top tier because it wasn't in a freezer burn proof box. So, my husband, being the amazing man that he is ordered a cake from the bakery where we got our wedding cake from. He got us our own top tier! I'm super excited to pick it up tomorrow and eat it on Saturday! So, some pictures of my wedding cake. 

 Since it's Thursday- stop off at Jamie's blog! I love the link up she does. 


Kristen said...

aw yay for your 1 year anniversary coming up! your husband is so sweet to order a cake from the bakery where you got your wedding cake from! :)

Amie said...

Happy early anniversary, enjoy celebrating one year! And that cake looks wonderful!

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