Sunday, June 23, 2013

What is your favorite room?

Happy Sunday!

My husband and I were having a very interesting conversation this week. We were talking about our dream house.  What it would be like to build one/ design one. (This is all a dream, we cannot afford to build one)  One thing that we began talking about was designing our favorite rooms. H said he wants to design the master bathroom. But for me, it would be the kitchen.

I learned how to walk in a kitchen. I love to cook and bake, and I think some of the best conversations happen in the kitchen.  So, of course I pinned some kitchen that I liked.

My dream kitchen has to have a pantry. I would love a walk-in one. I think it would be great. 

A hidden cool is that. 

I love the colors and the natural light. I think the best kitchens are ones, that look open, and welcoming. The have a seat for almost everyone, or at least counter top space for people to sit on. They smell great! Like...fresh food. 

What is your favorite room in a house. What would you do with it? How would you decorate it?


Valerie said...

I think my favorite room is our family room. It's a cozy, comfortable, not stuffy, put up your feet, snuggle on the couch, kind of room. Lots of natural light.

Dani said...

Family rooms are nice. I love to be able to curl up on a couch and read.

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