Sunday, June 9, 2013

No Internet

Happy Sunday!

I had a great, GREAT, weekend. Of course little old me forgot to take pictures of it, so I will just have to tell you all it and hope that you can imagine it.

My Husband took me up to my friends Cabin and we had a blast. We helped her family put in her pier, celebrated her birthday and our (my husband and I) first anniversary, and just hung out by a camp fire.  And best of all there is one picture (it's not the greatest of me- I look a bit bloated so just forget that)

But the best part is we were with out internet. We got away, we were able to just enjoy each other's company without every one texting (since there was really no phone service either) and  we just got to chill. 

We also had our cake!!! (The replica of our top tier that I posted about on Thursday - man it has been a long time since I posted) and we ate a lot. So much so, that I will be posting some work out stuff, because this week I'm getting back in the grove of running and working out. 


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