Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why Short Small and In love


Last week end,while I was getting caught up on all the blogs that I love to read, I read a post from Caravan Sonnet. She talked about why she titled her blog. It got me thinking, I never shared the inspiration behind my blog.  The title is one that didn't just come to me. It took a lot of thought.

I wanted something that was unique to me, but what?I could write something about being Italian and Hungarian but really, that just didn't seem right.

Something about getting married, but then what would happen to the blog after I was married?

My hobbies...but how could I turn those into a title?

Then I thought about my height. I always get comments about how short I am. Sometimes I say "I'm not Short, I'm fun size"  but Fun size didn't sound like a good blog title. Short did.  But what should go after it?

Small, mainly because I feel small a lot of the time. Not physically small, but emotionally, intellectually, and just all round small. Plus, I like smallest things. They fit with me. (Small dogs, small cars, small dresser, lamps and cottages).

But what else? Since I would be talking about my love (My husband) and then my hobbies, why not have love in my title.

Then I played around with the wording and ended up with :Short,Small, and in Love.

How did you name your blog?

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Krystal Minor said...

I love your blog title!


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