Monday, June 24, 2013

Knitting E-book

Happy Monday!

Today, I'm joining a wonderful link up. Are you ready...

And, I'm reviewing an Online, knitting E book.  As this is my first review, I'm super nervous that I'm not going to do this right. So please, please, please let me know what you think. 

Lace knitting! Have you done it? I have. Contrary to popular belief, lace knitting is pretty hard. For someone like me, who has knitted for a long time, I find lace knitting hard. I always stick the the easy patterns for lace knitting. Once in a while, I do venture out and try a intermediate pattern, but I always feel that I mess them up. Do you ever have that feeling? For me, it's because some how, my lace holes, look bigger, or smaller than they do in the picture. Which really bugs the perfectionist inside me.

While reading this book, I went in with a clear mind. I looked at the book, patterns and pictures. The first pattern looked doable. It makes me excited, because, I feel I could actually make the Celio shell. It really didn't look too hard and the pattern was super easy to read. (which is a plus for me)

The second pattern looks a bit more difficult. I never learned to read patterns in the graph/chart style. So those are a turn off to me right away. I have tried many times to teach myself how to read those, was an epic fail. Which leads me to believe I will never be able to make the wrap. If you know how to read the graph/chart type patterns, then I guess it would be easy. 

The last pattern looked perfect for me. It's a lace to go on a pillow case and it's beautiful. I think if you are learning to start lace knitting, try the third pattern. 

So, what do you think about me review?

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