Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

Today I want to talk about.... Classifications. Mainly how and why we classify some women and girls as...female dogs. Now I know that all women have a female dog inside of us, but there are some, who live by their female dog. To save typing space, we will call the female dog by B. so, why is it that some women live by their inner B and tend to treat others bad. 
 I can only guess, so here are some:

  1.  They are jealous of other women
  2.  They dislike  of women
  3.  They like to think of them selves as queens and what they want, they should get
  4.  They don't know how to be happy
  5. They  were raised that way by other B's.
To break don how to spot a B by my guesses- we will start with number 1- She is jealous of you
 - If a B is jealous of you, there are some sure fire signs I have now leaned. She will treat you like crap, and get really annoyed  when it has to be just you and her. She will not talk to you, and she will now want to learn about the thing she is the most jealous of. Whether it is the fact that you are married, and she isn't- you have a better job than she does, or you have a pet and she doesn't. The point is, there is something that you have that she doesn't and she wants. So, because you have that one thing, she will treat you like crap.
2- They dislike other women- this is very simple: they just hate other women and much prefer to be around men. 
3- They think of themselves as queens and what they want, they should get- basically- they want to be the alpha female at all times. They want all the attention on them and they will not share it. They will do what it takes and treat you however bad they have to, to make sure all eyes are on them. 
4-They don't know how to be happy- They are angry all the time because they cannot feel happiness. They do not know that emotion. They are angry and judgmental all the time because they cannot physically feel happiness. 
5- Being raised that way- Sometimes women who are B's find a man who is willing to put up with the B'ness and lo and behold, they have a daughter. The Mom then raises the daughter to be a B and the cycle will continue. 

That is what my thoughts are on this Friday. What are your thoughts about this?


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