Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My thoughts

I was late posting my pinteresting Sunday (sorry). I have been busy, and tired.  I have been working about 8 if not more hour days, and by the time I come home, I'm so tired from my job that I fall asleep. I then wake up- get everything set for the next day, and fall back asleep. Leaving no time for anything else, including exercising (which is very important and I know I need to do more), reading (look at my last post for how much I love to read), Knitting (I may post about this one soon) and finding a job(This is a must and is number one of my list).
 So my thought- why is it that I'm so tired? I know I work with kids, and my job, although it is not very physical, is still physically active. In fact, I don't get a chance to really sit down to eat most day- I'm up and about eating t on the move, helping a child do one thing or another. Is it the fact that I'm on my feet that makes it tiring? Or is it the stress- the emotional stress ranging from the kids and what they are doing/behaving like for the day to the staff- from how we decided to handle things- to the parents, how they act when we talk to them and whether or not they are helpful to us.  I feel that is is a combo of both- the psychical, the emotional and of course the mental strain of a job. 
But what can I do, so I'm not so tired? I would love ideas to help me out. please, please share any you have. 

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