Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding and things

My wedding is Friday, so, come tomorrow I will be not around Therefore I figured I should talk about my wedding and things.
First the wedding.
    To say it was a piece of cake for planning is an understatement It was hard.  I have learned, to plan a wedding is a lot of work. Therefore, I only plan to do this once. I cannot handle the stress that comes from the guests, the wedding party, the  vendors, and all the other outside forces. Not to mention the stress that come from each other. I know my wonderful Fiance and I have gotten into lots of spats recently, and I know we don't mean them. We are both under a lo of stress. I really cannot wait until the wedding day on  Friday. I know we are going to have a blast.
       For the things, my little political rant: Why do people not spay/neuter their pets. Newsflash, we don't need your dog going around and humping other dogs at the dog park. And we don't need a dog having puppies and then throwing those puppies on the street. One, those puppies are super cute, and should be in a humane society, two spay your dog.  I honestly do not understand why people do not do these things.

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Anonymous said...

So right on the spay/neuter! But a funny thing to think about puppy hanky panky on the eve of your wedding!

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