Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

For this Friday I want to discuss whether or not people should spank their kids. Where does the line between discipline and child abuse start? Back in my day (yes I am saying that) parents were allowed to give their child a swat on the butt if they misbehaved. I know I was swatted when I ran away in a mall once. After that, I never ran away again. 

Today it seems that if a parent even touches their child, they have to watch out for abuse. Why is that? When did this world come to this? Now we have kids that do not know what the word no means, they do not know how to listen or show respect to their elders.  I really feel that if we continue on this path, our intellect level will go down because teacher will not be able to do anything in their classroom as a behavior management plan. 

Please, please share your thoughts on all of this 

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