Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding tips

 I have heard rumors about "How did I pay for my wedding"

To break it down, I received a gift from each of my parents. My mom and step dad gave me a certain amount- and informed me that what they gave me, will go to all the kids (so since there are 6 of us on that side, they need that amount for 6 kids.) My dad and step-mom paid for other things. When I totaled up what they paid for it was close to what my mom and step dad gave me. I covered the rest. Here is how a college student pays for a wedding.

  1.  Look for deals- because my wedding was on a Friday, I didn't have a delivery fee for the cake or florist. I also did not have to pay for my venue- it was just the food. 
  2. Cut back on the expensive food. Your guest really do not need that $150 tray of crackers, come on crackers are crackers. You can get the least expensive food for the cocktail hour, and no one will notice. As for the dinner, go with what you like, but keep it in your price range. 
  3. Get your center pieces while on sale. You can buy $5 or more vases, but if you need 15 vases, at $5 that adds up. Instead, look for deals. every part to my centerpieces  (Minus the flowers) were all only a dollar each. I looked around for deals of what I wanted and jumped when I found the deals. 
  4. Coupons are your friends, also getting to know the staff at the stores you buy stuff from.They can be very helpful. 
  5.  Looking on line, and doing DIY within reasons. Some DIY costs more, some costs less. You need to look at prices and see what would be better. 
Those are my tips for how to pay for it. Now saving up it very important, as well as working as much as you can. Those will help anyone afford the wedding of their dreams. 




Anonymous said...

Nice job getting it all together. The effort you put in prior shows up at the end.

Dani said...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.

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