Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beautiful wedding

I am now a married women! YAY! The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony....honestly, I could not have asked for anything better. The music  was done wonderfully, the church was very nice, the homily was perfect. In fact, I could not have had a better homily. My parents even got a copy, and now everyone that was at the wedding is wondering if they can get a copy too. I really, well, my husband (I can't believe I get to say husband now)  could not, I repeat could not have had a more beautiful homily than the one Father wrote. It made everything perfect.
           During the vows, my husband started to cry, which in turn made a bunch of people tear up and cry. I feel so blessed to have the love of my life, and to have him be so sweet and with such a gentle heart.  As one of his brothers said last night " My husband really is a grizzly bear with a teddy bear heart."
               The speeches during the dinner were perfect. They started with my mom and ended with one of my husband's brothers. My mom had such a sweet speech to start off, she even threw in a few jokes which made it great. :) After that it went to the wedding party, my sister had a great really showed the relationship we have had.  The Best man (one of my husband's brothers) had an awesome speech! I really liked it a lot. My friend had such a  sweet one about the two of us naming the boys we liked in code, so we could talk about them and no on would know. And last, the speech that made me cry. The last speech, was perfect and got a standing ovation.
   After that, it was dancing and partying and fun. I had a blast. I'm so glad that everything went smooth and awesome.

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