Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's talk Fridays

I am not one to write about politics. I don't like conflict, and I'm tired of people always arguing. but sometimes, I think adding a bit of fuel to the fire may be fun.  So I have decided to start...Let's talk Fridays. The whole part of Let's talk Fridays is for me (and you) to talk about things that may be on your mind. 
So let's talk about discrimination.

 I feel there are times when the world is against short people. Why might  I say this? Because, it took a very long time for the fashion world to develop "short" pant lengths. They had, tall and regular for the longest time, but it was, and still is very hard to find "short". Furthermore, the "short" pant sizes are not that short.  I know people who are 5'5" and  they have to buy the short lengths because everything else is too long. But what about those who are under 5'2"? The short length still drags. Thankfully, a few stores have "extra short" but that is still too long on us short people. 

What about the wedding world, or the world of having to hem clothes? Hemming something is not that hard to do, unless it has a pattern or stripes.  So why is it that the more you have to cut off for a hem, the more money it costs?  And what about the rides and games that all those fun places have? The height requirement is for safety, but really- as an adult, I should be able to go on a ride with out having to be test all the time to see if I'm tall enough.  Hence- I feel the world is against short people. 

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think. 

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