Friday, May 3, 2013

I Have No Thumbs - Tails from Winston

TGIF! As Promised a post from Winston.

Woof, woof, woof. My name is Winston, aka Winnie boy, Winnie the poo, Rufus, and sometimes little creature feature (but that is only when I do naughty things.)

I'm a little over 2 years old and come my parents first wedding  anniversary will be the 2 year anniversary  where I met my parents. (I moved in with them some time after that but I don't do dates well)  My story is very simple- there was tornado and the police found me running around and scooped me up before it got me. I lived in the shelter for a month or more until my current mom and dad found me.  And here is what i did when I first came home


I don't know much about my life before them. But with their help (mainly mom's ) We learned I am a mixture of Caviler King Charles Spaniel and Jack Russel Terrier (aka  Cava-Jack). I was kinda potty trained, but I was hurt in crates. I don't know what happened to me, but the Vet says I have something like PTSD for dogs. When I'm put in a crate I lose control over everything and shake to the point of my parents thinking I'm having a seizure. So I'm not a crate trained doggy.  Which is good, since I love to sleep where every I can.

But, the one thing I will always have with me when I sleep is my tennis ball. I love my ball. 

My life is ruled by my tennis ball. I must have it with me where ever I go. (Even when I'm sleeping. The best is when I have both of them in my paws. 

Of course I love to play with them. But mom and dad hate it when I drop the balls on their face while they sleep.  (But it is so much fun.)

I love to help mom when she is typing or cooking. I love to watch dad do what dad does.

Let's see- some of my favorite things are:

Where clothes to keep me warm
Rolling around on fresh laundry
Building an igloo
My ball
Big dog bones (ones that are bigger than me)

My hates

When snow hits me on the head.  

Squeaky toys. I don't like the sound, unless I break the squeaker and it sounds like this. 

Wiener dogs- one tried to bite I hate them all. 
And when people call me a girl. I'm a boy. 

Well, that's all I got, because I have no thumbs and I see my mom getting out my ball. 


The song for the day is.....


Gyps said...

What a cutie! My dogs go crazy for tennis balls and will try their hardest to fit more than one in their mouth at a time. It never works but they won't give up!
They Call Me Gypsy Queen

Dani said...

Thank you Gyps.

Alyson said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Who Let the Dogs Out!!!! I seriously don't think I have heard that song since HS Vball. Oh the memories...:)

Visiting from #backthatazzupFriday


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