Sunday, May 26, 2013

What in the world

What in the world!

On Thursday I made a post and it never worked out.

So I'm rewriting it in hope that it works this time.

Day 21- Your  favorite posts!

I loved this one about wedding tips. I talked about how we kept our wedding with in our budeget and what do to, to keep yours wit in your budget. 

I love this post. I talked about what I did with the flowers from my wedding, the ribbons and the extra hem of my dress. I think it was a wonderful DIY craft. 

This is a post written from my Winston boy. I figure, since it was fun to write, it must be fun to read. 

This is one of my first posts about NF- the disease that I have. It was one of the first times that I talked about NF on my blog. 

Day 22: Rant

I hate,hate, hate when people complain about those who vent. I understand if someone vents a lot it's annoying, but sometimes people need to vent and they don't need someone telling them to stop. They may have something bugging them and it need to just let it all out to feel better and telling them, it's a pointless vent or that they are stupid and haven't learned anything doesn't help them with their feelings.  I also hate what is now known as vaugebooking- passively aggressively fighting with someone on Facebook. Or being passive aggressive in general. If you gave an issue with someone why don't you tell it to their face?

Day 24: Your Worse traits

My 3 worst traits are:  I'm talkative, I procrastinate and I don't always think before I speak. 


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