Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I pinned it and did it :)


    It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple for

And with Little Daisy Mae from This Kind of love for 

Just because I'm loving this pin. 

This is a first type of post for me. I'm posting based off of a pin I found. (Yay Pinterest). This is the pin

I wanted to do something like it with a lamp shade that I had. The issue is well- my lape shade is not straight up and down like the one in the pin. Mien has a curve- so the ribbon wouldn't look as good. Instead I added bows and  flowers. 

The bows are from this pin:  (And they really weren't that hard to make at all) 



Kristen said...

aww I love your lampshade! I saw that pin a few days ago... yours looks better! :)

Dani said...

Thanks. I love how it turned out. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job on the lamp shade!

Heather said...

Oh don't you just LOVE Pinterest. So addicting!

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