Monday, May 13, 2013

Life at the dog park

This is going to be a satirical post. (So basically, what I'm saying is my opinion but I'm going to try to make it in a funny way. ) With the weather being as beautiful as it has been, I've been taking Winston to the dog park a lot. He loves, (And I mean LOVES) to go the the dog park. There is a ton of space for him to run and stretch his legs. Plus he smiles when he is there and his smile is ohh so cute.  (I tried so hard to get a picture of this but he just wouldn't let me.)

So on to the types of dogs one may or may not see at the doggy park

The I want to play with everyone Dog 

This dog thinks that everyone is it's friend. She thinks that every dog is there to play with her. She is the first dog to greet your dog and the dog that makes it very difficult to leave. She is the dog that is at the center of every game, trying to steal your dogs' tennis ball and making sure she gets pet by everyone.

The Anti- Social Dog

This dog refuses to play with any one. Whether it be because the dog has a tennis ball,  Frisbee or toy they they WANT to play with and NOT share, or because the dog is just mean, this dog ignores every one (This is Winston when we bring his tennis ball to the dog park) Sometimes, if you hide the toy this dog will play. Other times, this dog will just stand by their parents legs and growl at all the other dogs there. 

The I'm going to try to mount every dog

I feel this dog is just...well explained by the title. There is that one dog who is there all the time where the owner is off somewhere not watching him and this dog feels the need to assert his dominance  over all the other dogs. 

The Little dog who thinks he is a big dog

This too is also Winston. This dog is usually around 20 lbs or less but plays with the dogs who are 3 to 4 times his size. By this dog is usually the big dog who thinks he is a lap dog. They go hand in hand and are super fun to watch playing together. 

I know it;s not much, but that is about all that I've got right now. As I said this post is not to inflict any harm by any means, just to show some funny sides of the doggy park. 


Amie said...

Very funny. I don't have a dog, so I enjoyed your post! Love the part about the mounting dog...ha ha!

Amie said...

Thanks for sharing about the dog park, I've never been to one since we don't have a dog, so I enjoyed reading it!

Gyps said...

We have a little dog that things she's a big dog (so she starts little scraps with them) and we have a big dog/big brother dog/never watches out for his little sister dog that is the anti-social perimeter walker...unless a ball is thrown his way. Then he is everybody's best friend.

Dani said...

:) Gyps- my dog thinks the same thing. He is always trying to play with the big dogs.

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