Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More chapters of my life story...

It's Thursday!!!

It's been a wonderful week weather wise. The sun has been shinning, there is a nice cool breeze coming form the Mississippi  and then bouncing back off the buffs. It has been wonderful.  So I figured, why not continue with my life story. But first, some thoughts. I'm linking up with It's Okay Thursdays  and Thursday's Thoughts today.
  My fist thought is it's okay to not write a blog post every day. Sometimes, I just have nothing to say and why should I write a nonsense post? Going off of that, how often to you my readers, have time to read my blog. I know I can't read all the blogs I follow in one day, so I pick certain ones each day to catch up on. I figure it's okay that  I get busy.  Also, it's okay that I have been nothing but tired for the past week. I think it must be allergies, so it's okay that I have them (not really, but hey the link is about stuff that is okay)

And now on to the some more chapters of my life story

Day 7- What are you most afraid of?

 Snakes, Spiders, bugs, creepy crawly things, failure, and ending up alone

Day 8- Piece of advice?

 I have a lot, but I guess one thing that is to laugh often. Laughter is great medicine. I know that there will be times in your life where you can't or don't want to laugh, but just try. 

Day 9- A moment in your day

My moment that happens every day is me walking Winston. 



Helene said...

i definitely think it's hard for people to read all the blogs they follow in one day! i don't know who does that! snakes, ugh, so scared of snakes!

Amie said...

Agree, I can only read a certain number of blogs each day so I don't get worn out, there are so many! And I agree that laughter is a must!

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