Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finding the dress

I never shared my experience dress shopping. To be honest, it was a tough one. To be honest the wedding was hard. I sadly had family members that made my wedding between my husband and I about them. Sadly, even after the wedding occurred, people were still trying to make it about them. But that is a completely different topic, which I will not get into. You can private message me if you want to talk about that topic. I will only take private messages for that topic, anything public will not be responded to.

Back to the Dress search.  While I was in the process of finding the perfect dress, my husband was in the process of getting injured. It all happened Feb 12 of 2011. That Saturday my mom and I went to Charlottes Bridal to look at dresses. I wasn't planning on finding "The one" I knew that would take some time. I did have in mind some dresses I wanted to try one such as
 A beautiful Da Vinci Bridal gown. 
 I did try on a few gowns that looked like that. They were beautiful, but somehow, they just didn't seem right.  Too heavy, too much going on in the bust, too busy on the shoulders, and just not feeling like me.  Then, after looking for a while, ball gowns were brought in. Somehow, they felt...better. But still no me. Until my dress was brought in. An Essence of Austrlia Dress. 

All of my wedding pictures were taken by Soul Exposure Photography

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