Monday, September 10, 2012

An Early Christmas post

With the wedding being over, I dried my flowers and turned them into ornaments.
Not only did I use my dried flower petals, but I used any extra bit from the wedding that I found. Below I have posted collages of my ornaments. Not all of my ornaments are in the pictures (there's a lot of them) but I posted a few.  Below I the pictures I will post how I made the bulbs.

These ones I put dried flower petals inside. After I filled the bulb with the flower petals, for some I glued ribbon around on the outside. For others on the outside I made a bow out of ribbon. For the two bulbs on the bottom left I used the extra petals from my beautiful wedding cake. 

These ones have an extra invitation on the inside. What I did for those was cut up the invitation into thin strips. Then I used  a pencil and wrapped the invitation strips around the pencil until the strips were curly. After that I filled the bulbs with with strips. I topped some of the bulbs with a bow made out of ribbon. 

These are a few examples of what I did with my extra fabric. I used the extra tulle and fabric from my dress and I used the ribbons from the bridal shower and from the bouquets. I put the tulle and fabric inside the bulbs spinning the bubs to create  a wavy look which is very visible in the the top right hand picture. 

Last I used some sugar and glue and glitter to make Christmas looking snowball ones. I'm still working on them, especial the big ones with the sugar, I'm hoping to be able to create a little winter scene in them. But here is what I have done so far. 

Now for the tree. I live in a very small apartment, which is way to small for a tree. Until Jeff and I move to a bigger house, we will be hanging the bulbs in the windows of the apartment with string. That, plus Christmas lights in the window should create a beautiful  apartment for winter. That's all for now. When I have everything done I will most defiantly post more pictures. 


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