Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Knitting a blanket.

I am attempting to knit my first blanket. My goal is to finish this blanked by the end of Saturday. I'm only halfway through. Which means I have a lot of knitting to do.  Which means I need to buckle down and knit. The problem with knitting is, as many people may have realized, the bigger the project the longer it takes. Jeff and I would like to open an Etsy Store and sell some of my knitting The problem is I first want to have some product already made. I figured it would be helpful to have some pre-made  items. The problem is finding the time to make them. Knitting is something that basically involves sitting on my butt. Doesn't sound the greatest to me. I also don't want to end up hating knitting because of the store, Which leaves me with a dilemma.  Do I want to be knitting and crocheting like crazy, in hopes that some one will buy what I make? What if I'm let down and this fails? Then what?

I know Jeff one day would like to open his own wood working business. All the tables in the apartment but one, where made by him and they look great. I think he has more confidence in himself than I do. But he seems to have confidence in me. If I open a store, we were thinking of just using the name I came up with for my email when I was 13. Emraldbaby. We thought that name would be a good idea because most of the time knitted/ crocheted stuff is for babies. We would have it a tag on the items which would say Emraldbaby Designs and there would be a heart in the middle.

So, readers, what do you think? Should I go for it?

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