Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pinteresting Sundays

An owl knitting! Fantastic!

 One thing that I really like to do is knit. I love to put yarn on needles and hear the click, click, click until something really wonderful happens. An item is made. Whether it be a hat, or a sweater, or mittens, or a scarf the end product is wonderful. I learned to knit at a young age. And I fell in love with it, I feel that knitting is a lost art. My Grandma, my Nana, she knitted, crocheted and did embroidery. I wish I could be as talented as her. I don't have any of the sweaters left that she made me, I've out grown them all. I only have 2 pillow case that she made, and I am very blessed to have 3 blankets of hers. I would love more of her work as a reminder of her. I was lucky to have my Aunt send me some napkins she made.

Since I don't have her talent, I am learning. I have books which I am reading to help me with crocheting and embroidering. But Knitting, that I can do, and to not toot my own horn to loud, I think I do it well. So I created a Pinterest board about it Here are some patterns I have found on line:
A Sweater for my puppy will be nice.
I made a sweater for Winston using this pattern. I did have to make it smaller, since Winston is smaller than the dog size the pattern is written for. I also, turned out to be turtle neck like  for Winston, so I fold it down when he wears it. 

Possible Garter for wedding???

I made this Garter for my wedding. The sad thing, I think I made it a bit too big, it kept falling off.  I wanted something knit  for my wedding in memory of my grandma. I wore this one during the ceremony, and then changed to the lacy one to toss for the reception. 

I have made plenty of hats, which I give away as gifts. Living in a "cold" state one needs to have plenty of cute hats on hand. 

Baltic Beret

And then a site, with things all knitters should know. Don't worry, I'm still working my way down the list. As I get more involved with my blog, I will be posting knitting patterns that I have created. Such as right now I'm working on a blanket pattern. 

And for fun, Winston in his hat and sweater I made him. 


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