Sunday, September 30, 2012

A great fall day.

Today I experimented. I made homemade apple sauce.
I used 5 apples, brown sugar, white sugar, a lemon and a cinnamon stick. It tastes very yummy, and for those who like cinnamon, there is a huge cinnamon taste.  Since I didn't use exact measurements, I can't share the recipe here, but I can tell, that my house smells super yummy. It is making me feel that fall really is here. Between the applesauce, Church, cleaning, the dog park and football, I have to say this is a great fall day.

Yesterday, I went to Cran-fest. A festival of cranberries, in a town that is surrounded by cranberry bogs. It was really cool. There were lots of tents set up of people selling different items. I found some yarn for my next project- a sweater. I also got some cranberry salsa and some apple carrot butter. I don't know what to use them for yet, but they tasted very yummy. Maybe for entertaining? (If my husband and I ever do entertain some guests) Not only did I get some cranberry stuff, but I got to see how the cranberries are sorted and I met the old governor of WI. I had a great day yesterday.

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