Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's talk Friday's

Tonight I want to talk about buffets. Mainly food buffets at restaurants. You see, my loving husband took me to a buffet tonight to eat, and for those of you who closely know me, you know I'm not a big buffet person. I think the food is either too cold or too hot, I fear the "cold" food have been sitting out or too long and can have food born illnesses starting and I fear someone sneezed on the food.  But, the gesture of taking me out to eat was wonderful and very nice and loving. While at the restaurant  I noticed I was able to put people into groups. At the buffet I saw the following:

The scavengers- those who take one of everything they see, push their way to the front and  don't bother to say anything.

The Gatherers- those who take more than one plate, and fill both of them up.

and lastly the nomads- they go for their plates first before they go find a table, or they forget where their table is.

So, those are the types of people that I saw to night. I know this is a generalization, which i why, I want to ask, what are your thoughts on buffets?

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