Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinteresting Sunday's-Books, and yarn

Pinteresting time!!! This week will be a busy week. The Baseball playoffs, more football games, plus it's now getting cold( like snow cold). I'm not ready for snow yet, but when it is cold the best thing is to curl up with a book or some knitting or crocheting. Below will be pins form my Knitting and crafts board, and my books board.

Persuasion (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)          
  Sense and Sensibility (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)           
  Pride and Prejudice (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Jane Austen: Seven Novels (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics)

Who doesn't love to read Jane Austen? I think  she has become more popular as of now, but she is a classic. 

Here in the Waiting Place: Free crochet patterns

Jeff saw this and told me it was a must pin. He thins it's very cute, I also think it is pretty cute and great for a little boy. Oh well, that is many years down the road. 

A Pinner said "UNBELIEVABLY EASY WAY TO CHANGE COLORS!!! i've recently figured out i'm an idiot when it comes to color changing seamlessly, lol, but this was sooooo easy!!!! i just did it in a double crochet (us) ripple blanket and it's almost perfect looking :) :) so check this tutorial out and you'll be able to figure it out, too."
How to change colors
Lazy River Scarf.This scarf is so easy, I almost named it the Lazy Knitter. It’s just alternating bands of K1P1 ribbing and garter stitch, two of the most basic stitches in every knitter’s repertoire. Use them alone and they might put you to sleep – but when you use them together, they effortlessly create this wavy fabric with rippled edges.

A pretty scarf pattern
celtic love knots - great lazy day project Oh so fast crocheting...and a very pretty way to showcase lovely yarn. BUT INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT IN ENGLISH boooo

A crochet scarf...the pattern is just not in English :(

Well, those are some great pins for a cold blustery day, like today!

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