Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rainy day, rainy day.

This morning I woke up with out power, but all set to go to a soccer game. As I was getting out of bed I received a text stating due to the inclement weather, there will be no soccer today. So what is a girl suppose to do on a cold, wet rainy day?

Thankfully the power was restored a bit ago, and after talking to my husband we decided today we would bake, and cook and just hang out at home (maybe even throw on  a movie and I would knit while it is playing.)

So, for dinner my ever famous short and small chili (found here) and for fun we are making lemon almond biscotti!  Look for a post a bit later on how the biscotti went. And for those of you in a rainy state, stay dry and warm.

(2:27 PM)
 Making the Biscotti,

Today  Jeff and I made  Lemon almond biscotti and ice cream cake. For both of them used recipes from 3 books in 1-100 calorie snacks, 200 calorie desert,300 calories main dishes which I got at Barnes and Nobles.  

For the ice cream cake I used one of those graham cracker pie crusts. I mixed all the ingredients together (I did do a variation on the ice cream flavor and the coffee that the recipe called for- I used french vanilla latte mix).  Right now I'm in the process of waiting for the cake to firm up. 

For the biscotti, Jeff followed the recipe book to a tea.  Right now it is baking. The house smells yummy between the biscotti and the chili. More to come when we taste it. 

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