Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinteresting Sunday

Today, I made a new board on Pinterest. I was super lazy this week(and super tired from the sinus infection i had) That not much cleaning was done. Now that I'm feeling a bit better(not 100% but better than most days this week) I need to do some cleaning and I want it to be done fast.  So, I made a new board with a bunch of cleaning ideas to help me. Instead of providing different pins I will just provide a link to the board today.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Something that helps me with cleaning is timing my self. I have a bit of a race with myself- although I want to be precised with my cleaning, I do want it to be fast. So I have set times, such as tackle the bathroom first, then while the laundry is going do the kitchen, and when the laundry is done the bedroom and lastly vacuum. Something else that helps me is listening to music. I put on some old school boy bands and other 90's music and rock out while I clean.

I know this Pinterest Sunday is not very pinteresting, but next week will be filled with pinterest ideas.

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