Monday, October 15, 2012

Yarn, yarn, yarn

I love to read. I was the girl who would carry books around with her everywhere. I still am that girl. But there is something else I make sure to carry in my purse, or bag. Sometimes, it's attached to a crochet hook, sometimes it's attached to knitting needles. Sometimes, it's finishing a project and sometimes it's starting a project. Most of the time, it's in the middle of a project.  What is item that has had a spot in my bag since high school?



So, what is it about yarn that has made it a staple in my bag? It is how sometimes it is soft, other times it's scratchy? Or, is it a pull to be able to make my own winter wear instead of spending money on something I could make for cheaper? 

What about knitting and crocheting that seems to have made it come back in fashion? Is my generation one that feels a pull to do things back to the way our grandmothers did things? Or are we forging a new path with old classics?

Do we like challenges? I found this website of a challenge- I'm wondering if I should join and try it?

Please, please share your thoughts.

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