Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wedding Flowers

After I go married, I posted that through out the year I would bring up some stuff from my wedding. I planned to do this because I didn't want to bombard all of you with my wedding right away. Today, I wanted to share my flowers.

For my wedding I wanted to be simple, and just have one maybe  two different types of flowers. One of my favorite flowers are Lilacs. Sadly, they are not really wedding flowers, plus are not in season in June. Another favorite flower of mine is the ever beautiful Peonies.

I used  Peonies for my wedding. In fact, minus the boutonnieres and flowers for moms and grandparents all the flowers were peonies. For those items that involved flowers listed above were spring roses.
Spring Roses

The Bouquets were all peonies. Mine was a mix of dark pink, light pink and white. My sister had dark pink, while my other bridesmaids had light pink. I did that to show a difference between the maid of honor.  The Toss bouquet was made to look very similar to mine. I included a little note to the women who caught my bouquet thanking them for being at my wedding and wishing them happiness. 

My sister's Bouquet

Close ups of my bouquet- the white hanki was my grandma's. (my something old)

I used the bouquets to decorate the head table! Very unique center pieces. 

The note on the toss bouquet.

The last thing are my center pieces.  I have two different center pieces involving the flowers. One was a small version of my bouquet, the other was a floating Peonies.
Small Bouquet (very full flowers)

The floating flower.

Well, that's all for now about my wedding. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to share. 

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