Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puppy days

Winston has become a cuddle bug. All he wants to do besides play fetch with his tennis ball is to sit on mine or Jeff's lap and sleep. This has me wondering what does he do when there is no one home? Does he sleep all day? Does he play with his tennis ball? Winston has this trick where he is able to roll the  tennis ball and then he chases it. It is quiet an adorable trick.

He also loves to chase his tail, not only by running around in circles, but by laying on his back rolling around until he "catches" it. Does he do that on his days alone? Or does he "talk" to the other dogs in the building?

I was thinking about how some wealthier people have nannies and use nanny cams to see what the nanny does during the day. I wonder if those people have ever though to catch their dog in action. Well, I guess this is all for my random ramblings about dogs.  Before I go, a Winston picture


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