Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winston time

Winston has not been talked about much, so today is all about my little pup.
 As you see, he is wearing clothing. Winston loves to wear clothes. I think it is because he is pretty small for his size and gets cold easy. I have tried to feed him more, and my husband and I have talked to the vet about his weight. We were told he may end up being a thin dog. But, even though he is thin, he is healthy. The vet showed us where he has grown muscle and fat, and his blood work says he is healthy. I'm glad, because Ineed my little jumper to be healky. And yes, he is a little jumper.

Winston loves to play fetch and he loves his tennis ball or balls.
At the dog park, he will chasse them for hourss and at home, is is consstantly trying to get who ever is home to pla fetch with him. As seen in the two pictures, he even sleeps with them. When he soesn't have his tennis balls, it's his bones that he loves, 

Above all, Winston is the best pet for my husband and me. He is cuddly, protective, fun and super cute. Now for more picture of him. 


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